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10 Essential Business Tools for Teachers and Healers

FREE for a limited time! (Reg $25)

Starting a business is easy, but growing that business into something sustainable and profitable can be hard.

If you are like most people who want to start teaching or healing, your mind is spinning with questions about how and when to get started. The choices seem endless!

10 Essential Tools for Teachers and Healers takes the guesswork out of growing your following . In this course you will learn the essentials of building a successful and ethical business.

You will learn about. . .

  • Branding Basics

  • How to Market with Email, Websites and Social Media

  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing

  • Business and Project Planning


Map your success and give your teaching a power launch from the comfort of your own home on your phone, computer, or tablet.

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Christopher Love

Darren Main generously shares his experience and passion for teaching in “10 Essential Ways to Guarantee a Profitable Yoga Business.” As a long-time teacher myself, this informative video course provided a wealth of up-to-date resources, practical tools and valuable, personal insights with which to re-examine and grow my outreach, all while honoring the unique ways in which I share the gift of yoga.



  • Branding Essentials

  • The Pillars of Success

  • Powerful Workflows

  • Essential Resources

About Darren

Author and Teacher

For over thirty years, Darren Main has been writing books, teaching yoga and speaking about mindful living. His work has evolved to support yoga teachers and studio owners in growing a successful and ethical yoga business. He currently lives in Northern California with his son Jaden where he teaches yoga in San Francisco’s iconic Grace Cathedral.

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