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A collection of inspiring titles by Darren Main

Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic

In Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic, Darren Main offers a fresh, down-to-earth approach to the time-tested practice and philosophy of yoga. He shows us the way to apply the ancient wisdom of India to every aspect of life. From work and relationships, to death and dying—allowing even our busiest days to become powerful and mystical adventures, filled with all the wonder and magic that was once reserved for those living as monks and nuns.


Yogi Entrepreneur

A Guide to Earning a Mindful Living through Yoga

The Yogi Entrepreneur is the definitive manual on starting and growing a yoga business. Whether you are an established teacher, looking to expand your student base, a new teacher fresh out of yoga teacher training, or you are simply considering signing up for your first yoga certification course—this book is for you.


Inner Tranquility

A Guide to Seated Meditation

Inner Tranquility: A Guide to Seated Meditation, strips away the mystery and misconceptions so often associated with the practice. By using contemporary examples from his own practice and more than three decades of teaching, author and yoga teacher Darren Main will help you develop a rewarding and lasting meditation practice. Forget what you think you know about meditation, and try it again for the first time using the proven techniques and useful tips that—when used constantly, guarantee a life-long practice.


River of Wisdom

108 Life-Changing Reflections

In The River of Wisdom, contemporary teacher Darren Main offers 108 insights, reflections and thoughts on what it means to live a more mindful life—a life rooted in the tradition of yoga. Whether you read this book cover-to-cover or simply contemplate a random passages as part of your daily practice, The River of Wisdom will inspire you and change the way you look at life both on and off the yoga mat.


Spiritual Journeys along the Yellow Brick Road

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most beloved stories of all time and with very good reason. The images and symbolism in this story contain profound guidance and wisdom that speak to the heart to the human condition. By reflecting on Dorothy’s search for home, the Tin Man’s quest for love, the Scarecrow’s desire to learn and the Lion’s need to face his fears, powerful insight and wisdom can be realized on your own journey along the Yellow Brick Road of life.


Social Media for Teachers and Healers

The Essential Guide to Growing Your Following without Losing Your Zen

Social Media doesn’t need to be difficult or overwhelming. In fact, motivating your existing students, clients and patients and reaching new ones takes less than 10 minutes per day when you use the simple yet powerful tools in this book.You will learn to quickly build your following on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Hearts & Minds

Talking to Christians about Homosexuality

Filled with humor and inspirational essays, this meticulously researched book will help you talk with Christians in a way that invites mutual respect and understanding.

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