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A healer is someone whose hand the patient wants to hold.

― Aude Mermilliod

As a teacher or healer, you want to live your life with integrity, but you also know that being successful in business is important for supporting yourself and your family.


My passion is helping you build a sustainable businesses. My coaching, video courses and books will help turn your passion for healing work into a sustainable career.

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Yogi Entrepreneur Coaching

The fastest way grow your teaching or healing business

Regardless of what type of teacher or healer you are, you can avoid costly mistakes and rapidly grow your following. Start with a free consultation to see if coaching work with Darren is right for you.

Coaching Packages

Start with a zero-risk, free consultation to make sure coaching with Darren is right for you. Then choose the package that best suits your needs and budget.

Courses & Trainings

Our Clients Say

Darren has been a supportive coach. He listened to me and my goals surrounding my massage business and confidently told me if we worked together Id achieve them in three to six months. Darren had a comprehensive plan for making this happen and each week we've been working towards it. Darren gives me homework that challenges me to think about what I want and what I am representing, and were building a business that will support me and my goals. Id recommend working with Darren!

Dorian Wiederholt Kassar | Speaker and Life Coach