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Yogic Breathwork

Pranayama for the Modern Yogi

The journey to AWAKENING Begins and ends when we BREATHE!

Feeling stressed? Stuck in a rut? Ready to take your yoga to the next level.

​Experience this powerful online pranayama practice which will help you find relief from stress and anxiety, and create more space in your life and experience your yoga at a much deeper level.

This ancient breathing practice is a simple yet powerful way to release physical, mental, emotional and energetic blocks. In this safe and supported online practice, you can learn how to breathe deeply to create lasting change in your life.

Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. The breath is my anchor. —Thich Nhat Hanh

On a physical level, water is often called the universal solvent because of its ability to dissolve almost anything at the molecular level. On a spiritual level it is the breath which acts as a universal solvent, because there is no trauma so great, no wound so deep, no delusion so convincing, that deep and mindful breathing will not dissolve it.


Space is Limited

Once you complete this short video course, you can attend a powerful online breathwork practice led by Darren Main.


Advanced breathwork in the comfort and safety of your home!

In addition to a powerful online guided breathwork experience, this course includes seven video lessons in which you will learn about advanced pranayama.

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Ryan Scott Brewer, LMFT

Learning and practicing the ancient art of pranayama with Darren literally changed the trajectory of my life. It opened the door to a spiritual reality I never knew existed. I am deeply grateful for him sharing this powerful practice with me and recommend it highly to anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world we live in.



  • Lesson 1- Course Overview

  • Lesson 2- Why Do We Breathe?

  • Lesson 3-What is Pranayama

  • Lesson 4- Pranic Breathing

  • Lesson 5- Advanced Practice

  • Lesson 6- What to Expect

  • Lesson 7- Practice Overview

About Darren

Author and Teacher

For over thirty years, Darren Main has been writing books, teaching yoga and speaking about mindful living. His work has evolved to support yoga teachers and studio owners in growing a successful and ethical yoga business. He currently lives in Northern California with his son Jaden where he teaches yoga in San Francisco’s iconic Grace Cathedral.

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